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15 August 2016

The Life—and Art—of Writing


When invited to serve as guest writer for indieBRAG (Book Readers Appreciation Group for independently published books), I was enticed by the opportunity to share my own experience and adventures in writing with fellow writers, book reviewers, and readers alike. One suggested topic for my contribution jumped right out at me: interview your significant other about your writing career and how they feel about it.

As my just-published and first personally-conducted interview promises, “counting on brutal honesty and hoping for extra encouragement and insight from the perspective of a fellow creative working in a different medium, I proceeded to prod my film director and voracious reader husband, [a.k.a. “The Director”], for what it’s really like to be in a relationship with a writer ... for any advice he has to share for the creative process and its challenges, and his view of the role we writers serve for all of humanity.”

What’s it really like to cohabitate with a writer and witness, first-hand, all those ups and downs of the writing life? What’s the most annoying question you can ask someone about their writer partner? Which are The Director’s personal favorite stories of mine? Just how important are writers in the grand scheme of things?

Read the interview on the indieBRAG blog now: “The Life—and Art—of Writing”


the glass sculpture of Yuki Tsunoda

(written & directed by Steven Knight)

(written by Abi Morgan)

(written by & starring Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding)