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Just a one-second dip of the Clef du Vin transforms the taste, texture, and aroma of your wine as a full year in a chilled wine cellar would. Even the cheap stuff. (It works!)

(written & directed by J.J. Abrams)

(written by Alan Ball)

(written by Mary Doria Russell)

(written & based on the short story “Fire in the Hole” by Elmore Leonard, adapted by Graham Yost)

(written by Mario Puzo & Francis Ford Coppola)

Takayuki Suzuki (a.k.a. “The Ice Man) applies the Japanese aesthetic—and tradition of “omotenashi”—to the classic ice ball

(written by Josh Olson, based on the graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke)

(written by Eric Roth, based on the novel by Winston Groom)

(written by Paulo Coelho)

(written by Kieran Fitzgerald & Oliver Stone)

Tales of Childhood (written by Roald Dahl)