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Earth Inherited

Nothing sets the tone for the day like learning your home planet has just changed ownership.

Today is a day like any other on Earth. People wake and work. Minds plug into electronic devices. Social networks spark with spontaneous brain sputterings. A woman primps. A man scratches his balls. Humans relate, congregate, procreate.

And news anchors across the globe offer an ounce of vital information for every pound of mind-numbing nonsense…

Then, the figurative bomb hits. Screens are ablaze, and radio is abuzz with a news flash like no other:

Earth has been inherited. The planet has a new owner.

And he’s not happy to find his endowment overrun by a planetary pestilence.

Earth gets its wakeup call. How would you answer it?

Earth Inherited

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Earth Inherited: A Short Tale of Planetary Plague & Astronomical Affliction is a science fiction short story written by Justine Avery. In a matter of just five earth days, momentous world-changing events took place that most certainly merited the selfies Nathan took in that conference room… Read full review
Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
It seems the Earth has a new owner! Welcome to the new, wonderfully-oddball short novel by Justine Avery. First, I must admit, I’m a big fan of this writer. Her writing is off-the-wall, slightly absurd and always, ALWAYS spellbinding. It’s wordy, yes, all of her novels are, but every word is… Read full review
The Wishing Shelf Review
In “Earth Inherited” by Justine Avery, ShZ, an insectoid alien from the GrT colony, inherited the planet Earth from his mother who is the late Queen JjT. ShZ is very unhappy when he discovers that this planet is infested with foul smelling humans, who have almost destroyed his inheritance… Read full review
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