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Everybody Poops!

Taking the taboo out of POO!

~ as featured in TV shows Dexter and Resident Alien ~

Everybody poops—it’s true! It’s time to blow the door right off the bathroom, and shine a light on what happens on the loo.

For the little ones just discovering the contents of their diapers and nappies, the bigger ones needing reassurance that their most mysterious bodily function is as natural as can be, and the biggest ones who still hold a fondness for toilet humor, Everybody Poops! is piled high with bold and audacious illustrations and the truth about who’s doing the pooing: every body is doing it!

Sure to incite giggling fits and all-ages laughter, Everybody Poops! exposes the least talked about fact we all have in common the world over and among all walks of life, benefiting the youngest of us by opening the discussion, promoting comfort with their bodies, and helping them feel included. Poo pride!

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Everybody Poops!

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"Poo shame is not something kids are born with, it's something they learn. This picture book unabashedly takes the shame away ... Rhyming text is confident, catchy and to the point ... A fun addition to the home library ... Be prepared to giggle along as young readers go poop-spotting… Read full review
The Childrens Book Review
"A delightfully charming book ... Cool, imaginative visuals to smile at while learning ... Adults will find it just as entertaining as children ... There are other books out there on this particular subject, without a doubt this is the best one I've read yet ... Amusing and colorful,… Read full review
Readers’ Favorite

“Brightly illustrated, fun, fun, FUN book ... I would recommend any parent with a 2 - 3 yr old who is trying to get the child on the loo, to try this book ... Let’s face it, poop is funny!”

The Wishing Shelf Review

“Poop is nothing to be ashamed of, and actually is something to celebrate ... Clear message and involving story is presented in a lively format.”

Midwest Book Review

“A very good book to help parents, especially first-time parents, to toilet train their children ... Plenty to talk about ... Especially well-conceived ... The artwork is superb.”

Love Reading 4 Kids

“Nobody is left out of the natural process ... Justine Avery swept those anxieties away and created a jaunty page-turner ... We take unexpected moments too seriously… But if we try to find the laughter somewhere in it all, it makes us lighter people (pun intended).”

Readers’ Favorite

“This book is pretty amazing ... What a wonderful way to get kids to be chill with the idea of having to use the bathroom! It’s only natural, after all.”

Readers’ Favorite


(written by Douglas Cook & David Weisberg)

(written by Paulo Coelho)

(written by Brian Helgeland, based on novel by A.J. Quinnell, cinematography by Paul Cameron)

(starring Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly)