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Everybody Toots!

Everybody toots—it’s true!

For the little ones just discovering the mysteries of their own bodies, the bigger ones needing reassurance that the most elusive and spontaneous of their bodily functions is as natural as can be, and the biggest ones who still hold a fondness for toilet humor, Everybody Toots! is overly inflated with barefaced and cheeky illustrations and the truth about who’s doing the tooting: every body (and nearly every animal) is doing it!

Destined to incite giggling fits and all-ages laughter, Everybody Toots! exposes one of the least talked about facts we all have in common the world over and among all walks of life, benefiting the youngest of us by opening the discussion, promoting comfort with their bodies, and helping them feel included. Pass wind with pride!

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Everybody Toots!

Audio Book Sample


“Simple but engaging ... Enlightening in its non-judgmental and accepting manner.”

The US Review of Books

“A laugh-out-loud children’s educational picture book ... Advocates body acceptance with levity ... Takes young readers through our natural world to discover a surprising fact.”

Readers’ Favorite

“Irresistibly funny ... A great rhythm for reading aloud. There are lots of laughs along the way ... Doing sterling work destigmatising normal bodily functions in the minds of children.”

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(created by Dan Harmon)

(written by Kurt Sutter)

(written by Lynne Truss)

(written by David Marconi, based on the novel “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather)