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Out There

It’s a day just like any other day… until something utterly unfamiliar suddenly lands in your back yard.

Susan is the epitome of the happy housewife, contentedly conducting her daily ritual of cleaning her home and keeping everything just as it should be. Wrapped up in her own little world within those familiar walls, she hardly notices the altogether different arrival in her own back yard.

She may ignore the sudden shaking beneath her slippered feet, she might even neglect to spot the conspicuous sight itself—but she can’t evade the stench.

Something’s wrong. Very wrong. And Susan’s incapable of determining just what to do about the uninvited eyesore in her back yard.

Turning to her best friend for help with the impromptu emergency threatening to shake up her very existence and happy home, Susan combines efforts with neighbor Trisha to decipher the composition and meaning of the frightfully large and utterly unpleasant new arrival.

But are these two women really capable of realizing the gift of new awareness they’ve just been given by an unseen entity? Or will they continue to fail to see the world that exists out there?

What a difference a day makes… unless you choose to ignore it.

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Out There

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"Out There juxtaposes the wonders of nature with the artificial world of a self-obsessed Los Angeles housewife ... Avery sets the scene perfectly with those first few lines, and her imaginative, gentle take on the inanities of the so-called civilized world sweeps the reader from the banal to… Read full review
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