..author of the weird and wonderful, the mysterious and magical, the utterly unforgettable.

Think Outside the Box

For the artist, the free thinker, the uniquely inventive individual in each of us.

Think Outside the Box unlocks the key to applying creativity to daily life and turning any problem or worry inside out.

Designed to define out-of-the-box thinking for the youngest of us, this fun and unique illustrative journey reminds us all how simple and practical it can be to apply a new perspective to even the most daunting challenges.

Think Outside the Box is an at-home library must-have for any future idealist, instigator, activist, maverick, or mover and shaker—and every individual.

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Think Outside the Box

Audio Book Sample


"A clarion call to children ... to come up with their own ideas and solutions ... [The] illustrations are an absolute triumph ... Ideas, even the nutty ones, should always be shared and not buried for lack of confidence ... Bright and bold and audacious ... A simple message reinforced on… Read full review
The Bookbag

“Ingenious, clever, and very creative ... Clearly presents the possibilities of looking at the world differently, of doing things differently, of being different ... A personal journey of self-discovery and looking deep into our inner creative forces”

Readers’ Favorite

“A fantastic lesson for any child ... Inventive and fun.”

The Wishing Shelf Review

“A valuable message to children that cannot be quantified by any means ... Prompts children to take the initiative and solve problems by themselves ... An important concept for use in schoolwork, for fostering friendships and for dealing with life’s challenges.”

Readers’ Favorite

“Just the ticket ... Young kids are encouraged to visualize and approach problems with a different skill set than logic alone ... Lively and fun ... This picture book proves that creative thinking can begin at an early age.”

Midwest Book Review

“This bright and colourful little book almost acts as a little aide-memoir reminding us that when we encounter problems, we need to trust in our abilities, thoughts and ideas.”

Love Reading 4 Kids
"Inspiring and instructive ... Affirms and validates independent thinking by giving children permission to think in their own unique ways ... The message of the book comes through with clarity and power ... By the last page, children's minds will be opened to possibilities and the… Read full review
The US Review of Books

“A message that all kids should learn ... The perfect book for parents to read with their children and have a discussion about ... Fun, engaging, creative, and incredibly beautiful.”

Entrada Publishing

“Creates passionate children and excellent problem solvers. ... Just as exciting for adults to read ... Thought-provoking ideas to think about in an exciting way ... Modern and expressive with a message that is important ... A winner with its unique illustrations and motivating spirit.”

Entrada Publishing


(created by Noah Hawley)

(written by Neil Gaiman)

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