..author of the weird and wonderful, the mysterious and magical, the utterly unforgettable.

What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream?

This is an invitation to a new nighttime ritual, a going-to-bed book that reminds us all that bedtime can be the most wonderful time of all…

The spellbinding style and alluring rhythm of Justine Avery’s writing are brought to life by Liuba Syrotiuk’s dreamlike watercolor illustrations to inspire children and adults to set aside the day’s excitement and drift into the adventure of sleep itself.

What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream? encourages calm and creativity, relaxation and imagination, and welcomes young and old alike to the blissful, magical time of bedtime.

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What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream?

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Star Rating: 4.5 / 5 What Wonders Do You See...When You Dream? by Justine Avery is a great story on how to get your kids to bed and the wonders they might experience while asleep. Surprisingly, the kids in the book are very excited to be getting ready for bed and show it by rushing to put their… Read full review
Tulsa Book Review

“Our panel of judges really felt this book merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.”

Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards
I very, very much enjoyed this delightful bedtime tale, superbly illustrated by Liuba Syrotiuk. The writing style, often simple but always very, very visual, works perfectly for a picture book of this nature. Pacing is also excellent, the paragraphs never overly long, perfect for a restless child… Read full review
The Wishing Shelf Review
What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream? is a children’s picture book written by Justine Avery and illustrated by Liuba Syrotiuk. What if kids didn’t groan when it was time for bed? What if they looked forward to dreaming as a great adventure? Avery’s picture book celebrates the… Read full review
Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
Star Rating: 4.5 / 5 What Wonders Do You See...When You Dream? is a bedtime story about dreaming, and it's about what you do when you are getting ready for bed. The story says how good nighttime is and how dreams can be magical. In the story, the boy and girl starts to get ready for bed.… Read full review
Kids BookBuzz Book Review

“Lots of ideas to explore and discuss with your child ... Will hold each child’s attention until the end ... Recommend this book to be read to all children… A thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience.”

Love Reading 4 Kids
“The day has ended. Hasn’t it been splendid? But now, it’s time, to be sure, for an entirely different adventure.” So begins Justine Avery’s book What Wonders Do You See . . . When You Dream?. A lovely engaging kids picture book that isn’t too long, nor too short, but just the right… Read full review
Seattle Book Review
What Wonders Do You See ... When You Dream? is a sweet picture book that aims to help young readers find the alluring promise of what sleep can bring. The narrative encourages kids to take time to transition from their busy days with a familiar routine of packing up toys, donning PJs, and… Read full review
The Children’s Book Review
It’s the end of another splendid day and time for a different kind of adventure. Bedtime! Brush your teeth and find those pajamas. Get into bed and cuddle up close. If it’s hard to settle down, then swallow those giggles and nestle in tight. Close your eyes and unlock your imagination. There… Read full review
San Francisco Book Review
What Wonders Do You See... When You Dream? by Justine Avery is quiet simply a beautiful children’s book whose artwork is matched by the eloquent story that runs throughout. While this simple narrative of getting ready for bed and the dreams to come could have produced a rather boring and banal… Read full review
Entrada Publishing

“A different approach to sleep than the usual admonitions ... Kids realize that sleep is an opportunity; not a limiting factor to potential fun ... An outstanding alternative to most sleep books.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Away into the delicious land of irrepressible dreams you go! ... a tactic that will work on many a reluctant child.”

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