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Who Needs Nappies? Not Me!

Who Needs Nappies? Not Me! is the impetus for potty success and toilet training mastery you’ve been hoping for.

Simple, tenacious, and endlessly entertaining, this is the new theme song for your young one’s new experiences in toilet-using achievement—a chant of potty-going pride!

Toddler-approved and giggle-verified, Who Needs Nappies? Not Me! brings excitement and new motivation for ditching the diapers and nullifying the need for nappies!

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Who Needs Nappies? Not Me!

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"An interactive book for parents and their toddlers who want to be big kids ... Making it easier for kids to know what not to do and helping parents along the way ... Adorable pictures kids will identify with ... Makes potty training fun for everyone ... Get ready to chant and shout along… Read full review
Entrada Publishing
"Avery is right to call this a chant-along book ... Works to reduce shame and temper outbursts as a child goes through the process ... Explains potty training accidents are just missteps along a journey ... The sense of pride when the [children in the illustrations] have succeeded is… Read full review
The Bookbag
"Encouragement motivates young readers to leave those nappies and diapers behind ... Young readers also learn the dos and don'ts of bathroom hygiene and etiquette. Small pearls of wisdom ... A unique and inclusive cast of stars who serve as positive role models for one of the biggest… Read full review
The US Review of Books

“Focuses on growing up and leaving dirty diapers behind. Any parent will, I’m certain, have at least one story come to mind while reading each page ... Will make young readers gasp and giggle ... So full of enthusiasm, a good way to get young children excited about starting the process.”

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(written & based on the short story “Fire in the Hole” by Elmore Leonard, adapted by Graham Yost)

(written by Brian Helgeland, based on novel by A.J. Quinnell, cinematography by Paul Cameron)

the artwork of Kim Keever

hardboiled egg + British breakfast sausage, breaded = Mmm!