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You Can’t Wear Panties!

For the big, grownup girls out there, the potty masters in training, You Can’t Wear Panties! is a cry (the big-girl kind!) of toilet triumph and persevering panty pride.

Each turn of the page reveals an infant, animal, toy or other object obviously not suited for big-girl panties: “No… YOU can’t wear panties!” Each facing page beams with the brilliance of a self-proud, panty-wearing heroine: “I wear big-girl panties!” Panty-wearer or not, all readers will be singing and rejoicing in the household’s new mantra—all day long!

You Can’t Wear Panties! is a perfect companion to the potty training process at all stages, serving up read-aloud, chant-along fun and motivation, inspiring even the most reluctant to join the celebration and excitement of dropping the diapers and embracing the BIG girl panties and true toilet independence.

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You Can’t Wear Panties!

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